Who are you?
You believe sustainability can be a part of everyone's daily life through action and attitude.
Through practical and innovative solutions, you'd like to make your event the best possible experience for your partners, audiences and you. You believe sustainability can be a part of your activities, whether you are responsible for a sports or a cultural event.
The green shift is now.
Through action and dedication you can make sustainability an integrated part of your event.

What we do

We bring new knowledge, understanding and motivation to your event.
With a practical approach, we facilitate the journey to minimize the negative impacts of your event. You'll be able to measure the results of recycling and waste management, have green procurement, smarter transport solutions and energy usage, and economic benefits.

We connect you with sponsors that share your values and take an active part in your event.

Why us?
We have the competence to guide and the creative drive to inspire. With over 25 years of experience in making sustainable solutions a success, we know that anything is possible. Our extensive network in the live music and sporting industry is here to help, and our consultants will assist in forming new strategies, making sustainability an integrated part of your activities.
We help your organisation make the green shift easy and fun.
We deliver
Lectures, public speaking, workshops and seminars

Sponsorship Training Program - sponsors and sponsees

Environmental certification,
Miljøfyrtårn consultancy

Our projects
About us
Greener Events mission is to help the experience economy become more sustainable. Greener Events delivers environmental consultation, expertise in planning and running events, consultation in certifications and CO2 reports as well as creating tools to help the sector achieve it's sustainability goals.

The Greener Events Foundation was established by the international snowboarding ace Terje Haakonsen and the Norwegian philanthropist Jan Chr. G. Sundt in 2009 and was closed as a foundation winter 2023.
  • Linnéa Elisabeth Vågen Svensson
    Owner // Consultant
    Linnéa Elisabeth Vågen Svensson has 25+ years of experience with production, sponsorship and sustainability for events and festivals, including 10 years for the Øya Festival. She mentors organisers of sporting and culture events in implementing sustainability measures and sustainable corporate partnerships. Linnéa is certified as Miljøfyrtårn consultant, and she is also the author of several guides, roadmaps and other tools for a sustainable experience economy.
  • Jan Chr. Sundt
    Advisory Board Member
    Jan Christian Sundt was one of the founders of the former Foundation Greener Events. He is a successful business man as well as enthusiastic philanthropist who believes that 'there are three things we cannot compromise on: Environment, food and education. This is still in the legacy of our work and Greener Events promote these values and demonstrate that having fun needn't diminish environmental responsibility.
  • Petter Arnestad
    Advisory Board Member
    Board member Petter Arnestad is founder and owner of Green Retail AS, an envirnomental consultancy firm est. in 2008. He is also a co-founder of Storekeeper AS, a company specialised in data analytics, also in the field of environmental data. Petter has 25 years of experience from working as an advisor on both strategic and operational level with a wide range of environmental issues for the property and retail sector in Norway and Scandinavia. Petter was a co-author of the Environmental Handbook for festivals. He has also served as board member for the Ethical Trading Initiative of Norway.