The Client
The Øya Festival is situated in the middle of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and strives to give their target audience a unique experience by presenting a broad variety of established and up & coming Norwegian and international rock, indie, electronic and hip-hop based artists to.
Organic Food
Øya has since 2003 served organic food to its attendees to show that organic food is a genuine and tempting alternative for anyone aware and concerned about what they are eating. The festival has received a lot of praise for its organic food, which is prepared by some of Oslo's most trendy restaurants and chefs with locally grown produce.
In 2009 the festival changed to renewable landline power thanks to a partnership with the local energy company Hafslund. It has been essential to keep measuring and setting new goals for a more environmentally sound festival. One of these goals is to expand the use of LED-lights on the festival site as new technology emerges.
From 2008 to 2011 6500 kilometers travelled by the festival staff during the festival was cut. This was achieve thanks to measures such as sending the drivers on eco-driving courses, putting emission-saving vehicles into use, and focusing on shortly traveled goods.
Waste management
Øya has its own deposit system on all cups and pizza boxes, while the Norwegian youth environment protection organization, Natur og Ungdom, sorts the festival's waste into 14 different fractions. The project "Recyclomat" was used to actively engage the audience in recycling during the festival.
The Øya Festival has been Miljøfyrtårn certified since 2004 and they were awarded the European Green n Clean award for its long-term focus on running the festival in a sustainable way in 2010. The festival also made an environmental handbook for festivals and outdoor events. In 2009 it was made available online, in both English and Norwegian formats, to reach a wider audience. Visit to learn more. Greener Events CEO, Linnéa Svensson was the Sponsor and Environment Manager at the festival until 2011.