The Client
Way Out West is one of Sweden's largest festivals, founded in 2007 in the city of Gothenburg, and takes place at the beautiful park Slottsskogen. Located in the middle of Gothenburg, the park acts as the lungs of the city. At night when the park-venues close the party continues at various clubs throughout Gothenburg. The festival attracts both local audience, but also people travelling from all over Sweden and abroad.

There is about 30.000 visitors a day for three days. The music profile is a mix of several styles, including rock, pop and electronica, with both Swedish and international acts. Sustainability and social responsibility has been important objectives for the festival organisers since the first festival. This focus materialises in work with waste management, organic and vegetarian food menues, energy, travel and accommodation, measuring the impact and sharing the evidence and take-outs throughout Sweden. The environmental and social aspect is also important when working with sponsors and other partners.

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The festival was already taking big steps with the ISO Standard 20121 certification and serving vegetarian food only.

We helped the three-day music festival to map their event footprint according to the Green'N'Clean and a Greener Festival Award self-assessments, as well as giving advice on where to improve.

The festival was awarded with the highest level, "Outstanding", A Greener Festival Award in 2013.

The A Greener Festival Award covers; Office and event management, travel and transport, CO2 and other emissions, fair trade and environmental campaigns, waste management, re-use and recycling, water management, the local environment, wildlife and land protection.