2017 - Today
The Client
Dyrk nabolaget! ("Grow the neighborhood!") is a free two-day event in a neighborhood close to downtown Oslo and a meeting place for anyone interested in urban cultivation, sustainable food production, green urban development, and neighborhoods with a high quality of life. The event offers seminars and classes focusing on urban gardening. There is a farmers market, activities for children, second hand shopping, and more.
What we did
Greener Events is hired to be the project manager for Dyrk Nabolaget! This entails, among other things, developing the concept and being the overall producer for the event. Greener Events is committed to putting together a program that will engage all age groups and have a wide variety of activities as well as finding partners for the program and providing financial support.
We have managed to create a popular event and a meeting place that brings the neighborhood together. We have succeeded in getting children involved in growing their own food in an urban environment.