2015 - 2019
The Client
The by:Larm Festival is an annual conference and music showcase festival for the Nordic music industry. For three days artists and music industry players can attend seminars, workshops, the Nordic Music Award, and hundreds of concerts at small and larger venues in downtown Oslo. The environment and climate are undergoing unprecedented changes, and even a three-day event has great impact on climate change. by:Larm is dedicated to minimizing the impact of the festival as much as possible.
What we did
In 2015 the festival decided to become certified through Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn. Greener Events board member Linnéa Svensson is in charge of by:Larm's Conference Program, and it was a great opportunity to use this synergy to develop a project within the festival to make both the audience and the festival workers more aware of the environmental impact the festival has.
Based on the 'Green Event' guidelines, the results of this project were:

A change to more environmentally friendly and certified products and services
Better coordination within the festival resulted in resources being shared, reused, and recycled
More of the products purchased were short-traveled
Increase in number of environmentally conscious partners and sponsors
Higher awareness among the staff resulted in more use of public transportation to and from the office
Encouraged the audience, artists, and partners to do the same

The Miljøfyrtårn certification is valid for 3 years, and was renewed in 2019.