The Client
YOUROPE is the interest organization for European music festivals. YOUROPE has launched a webtool: Green'n'Clean which give its members costumed advice in greening their events. In March 2008 they also launched the Green'n'Clean Award which distinguishes environment-friendly festivals. This initiative guarantees that measures to save energy and protect our natural resources are implemented and openly communicated.
The Award
The Award is available for YOUROPE-members only and contains a self-assessment that is filled out by the festivals and then revised by YOUROPE-representatives. The self-assessment contains measures to be taken in Sustainability Management, Transportation and Mobility, Waste Management, Camping, Energy Efficiency and Power, Food and Beverage, Purchasing, Water, Soil and Noise Pollution as well as Communication.
Greener Events evaluated and updated the Green'N'Clean award concept and questionnaire together with Jan Holger Schmidt at Sounds for Nature in Germany. The update was launched at Eurosonic Noordenslag January 2015.