The Client
Debio ensures that farms and fish farms, processing and marketing enterprises, importers and others follow the regulations for organic production and that these farms meet the requirements for marketing organic products under Debio's "Ø" label. All providers of organic products in Norway are certified by Debio.
What we did
Greener Events was hired by Debio as project manager for a pilot project for eco-labeling of grocery stores. Some stores in the two supermarket chains Coop Mega and ICA were selected to participate in the pilot project. The branding scheme gave the stores the right to use the denominations gold, silver or bronze to mark food items in some categories depending on how much of the turnover was from organic products.

Bronze: At least 15% of the turnover (within one category) is organic
Silver: At least 50% of the conversion is organic
Gold: At least 90% of the turnover is organic
What we found is that many stores were already qualified for a bronze brand. Some were also eligible for silver or gold within certain categories. We had Coop Mega stores where the organic proportion for children's food is at 30-40% and for some stores even over 50%, and the sale of organic herbs could be over 90%. The project was a marketing measure to make organic products more visible, get more products into the assortment and hopefully also help to reduce the price. By labelling items in the different categories, it was also easier for the stores to see where they could improve.