2017 - 2019
The Client
Bislett Alliansen is owned by three Oslo sporting clubs and is in charge of the daily operations of Bislett Stadium on behalf of the municipality of Oslo. The Alliance also organizes three large annual events: The Diamond League event Oslo Bislett Games which is broadcasted worldwide, Barnas Bislettdag (children's day) and the race Bislett 50km.
What we did
In 2017, Bislett Alliansen decided to head in a new direction after 29 years with an oil company as its main sponsor. New sponsorships made it possible for the event to further improve the event's "footprint", and together with ZERO and Greener Events, they reviewed all aspects of the Oslo Bislett Games event searching for ways to cut emissions. The main focus has been on transportation: Reduce the number of travels by air, use public transportation, and electric cars. The reduction of emissions after the first year was 39%. Another focus has been waste management and recycling. The recycling went from 0% to 40% after the first year and has since been increasing. The stadium has been updated with solar panels and the ability to save some of the energy produced in a battery installation made from used electric car batteries. In case of loss of power, these batteries can function as emergency power and is a great back-up solution with no need for polluting generators.
Bislett has been able to reach their goal - to become a spearhead in greening sporting events both in Norway and internationally. Greener Events is a partner on that journey.