2015 - 2018
The Client
Grønt Punkt Norge ("Green Dot Norway") is a privately owned non-profit company responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector.
Our Mission for Grønt Punkt had three parts: The first was to organize a workshop where everyone producing, distributing, and using on-the-go packaging could come together. The goal with the workshop was to create an engagement around on-the-go-packaging to get more of the used packaging back into the process of recovery or recycling, instead of ending up at the landfill.

The second part was, with the help from this workshop/forum and in cooperation with some of the largest breweries in Norway, to map the use of plastic cups at festivals and large indoor events. Grønt Punkt wanted to learn more about the amount of packaging being used at these events, how much of it is being recycled, and how does the end-user behave given the option of throwing the cups in Mixed waste or Plastic.

To help festivals to be better at planning for and managing the waste at their events, and evaluate after the events, the third part of our mission for Grønt Punkt was to make a Waste Guide for outdoor events.