What did we do?
Organic and local food: Since 2004 all food served at TAC has been organic, delivered from catering firms, restaurants and the local Farmer´s Market serving high quality food.
Energy and transportation
Since 2009 the whole site has run on renewable energy through electricity delivered by Hafslund and Infratek, rather than generators which are mobile diesel driven power sources. Electric cars are used as transportation for the riders, and the spectators get free busses from downtown Oslo to the arena with the local public transportation company Ruter.
Reduce, reuse and recycle
TAC has seven recycling factions; food waste, paper and cardboard, wood, metal/glass, plastic and toxic waste. Everybody from spectators, riders, crew and VIPs recycle. The building materials used for the quarterpipe is either recycled or will be stored until the next event, while the white clothing that covers the ground is given away for reuse to a company producing "ready-for-the-garden" lawn.
The festival has been Eco-Lighthouse certified since 2009, and is well known for its green thinking.