The Client
The European Initiative for Upscaling Energy Efficiency in the Music Event Industry (EE MUSIC) helps music events all over Europe save energy and reduce their carbon emissions. Rising energy costs and an increased interest in environmental sustainability is making sustainable energy management a growing topic of importance in the live music production industry. However, progress is often met by a barrier of misinformation preventing effective action. Looking to scale up existing good practice and skills, EE MUSIC is the largest energy awareness campaign in the history of the European music event industry, holding events on better energy use in 27 European countries.
What we did
Greener Events is the official ambassador for EE Music in Norway. Together with the British organization Julie's Bicycle, Greener Events organized a seminar in Oslo for music venues and festivals focusing on how they can save energy.
Venue managers, sound and light technicians, and production managers learned about how they can work better, more efficiently, and help build a more robust sector capable of responding to the changing world we all live in and the demands from the public. They were trained in using tools developed by Julie's Bicycle to measure the energy use, and learned techniques for how they can use this information to make changes to save energy - and money.