January to July 2014
The Client
Hove Festival was a large music festival that took place in the unique setting of Tromøya Island in the south of Norway from 2007-2014. The four-day festival mainly attracted a young crowd of 16-25 year olds. The program was filled with international and Norwegian musical acts, quirky art, yet-to-be-released movies and delicious organic food. The Hove management wanted to preserve the beautiful nature that surrounded the festival area. They also had a strong belief that a music festival could help increase environmental awareness in everyday life.
What We Did
Greener Events was hired to handle the sponsorship management of the festival. We worked closely with the British management of the festival and the Norwegian staff to develop a sponsorship strategy and concept. The goal was to target companies and organisations which could help make the festival a better experience for the audience, a "hard-to-reach" target group, while at the same time keeping a high sustainability profile.
Greener Events helped the festival find new partners, and customized the activities of the 21 new and existing partners to the festival's overall sustainable profile and strategy. One example was the introduction of washable hard plastic cups (instead of single-use plastic cups) that was done in partnership with Ringnes, the festival's beverage partner. A partnership with Emergence School of Leadership enabled the festival, with help from the students, to develop two important surveys. One was targeting the partners and was conducted in two parts. The first looked at the partners' activities for the coming festival. The second was conducted during the festival and made the partners evaluate what they could do differently for next year's festival. The other survey covered feedback from the audience, and it had a great response rate with almost 2000 answers.

In October 2014 the festival management decided to cancel the Hove Festival.