After writing the Sponsorship Handbook for concert organizers and travelling the country giving lectures and seminars on sponsorship management our executive director, Linnéa, got many requests on going more in depth and giving trainings and one-on-one consultancy on the topic. 
That is why we came up with our sponsor training sessions. The program gives academic knowledge and helps the customer to get a clear image of their business so they can target the right sponsors. The program contains five 2-hour meetings with the key sponsorship person(s) in the organization. Each session has clear topics customized to the demands and needs, as well as homework for the participants in order to secure the skills development. Everything from identity development and presentation is covered. At the end, the organization will have a target list of sponsors and input on how to sell sponsorship opportunities. We also do seminars or workshops for everyone in the organization in order to build a clear understanding of the sponsorship process.

Our goal is to build higher knowledge of the possibilities that sponsorships and partnerships between businesses and cultural and sporting events give, as well as uncovering the sustainability areas to focus on.

Examples of organizations that has taken part in the sponsorship-training program:

Norges Klatreforbund – The Norwegian Climbing Association
The Norwegian Climbing Association organizes climbers in all ages – approx. 20.000 of them and is one of the fastest growing sporting association in Norway. They have 189 clubs connected, but only 3 employees that cover a lot of areas and tasks. The sponsorship training sessions was a tool for the administration to put focus on the sponsorship area, targeting the right companies and working focused towards clear goals. In 2015 they will organize the Climbing World Cup in Stavanger.

Kulturkirken Jakob
Kulturkirken Jakob was opened as a stage for musicians and actors to perform in Oslo in February 2000. They took part in our sponsorship program to develop a clear identity and attract the right sponsors. Through 5 sessions and a workshop they improved their skills and found new sponsorship opportunities.