Hove Festival 2014
Hove is a music festival held in the South of Norway hosting both international and national artists.

Hove Festival mixes large international acts with Norwegian bands in the unique setting of an island outside Arendal City in the south of Norway. The festival is four-days filled with bands, experiences from the quirkiest art scenes, yet-to-be-released movies and eating delicious organic food. Hove Festival sets standards for environmental awareness. Not only because it wants to preserve the beautiful nature that surrounds the festival, but because it believes that a music festival can make for an interesting way to increase environmental awareness, both with the audience and the partners.

Greener Events was hired to do the sponsorship management of the festival in a sustainable way. We worked closely with the British management of the festival, Festival Republic, as well as the Norwegian staff to aid the festival in developing a sponsorship strategy and concept targeted on companies and organizations which could build better festival experiences, the sustainability profile and give the sponsors the opportunity to reach an unique target group.

We followed up on the cooperation and activation of new and existing sponsors and partners.
Along with students from Emergence School of Leadership we also developed a survey to look at how the sponsors/businesses involved could reduce their footprint. We also conducted an audience survey, which covered feedback on the event itself, the sponsors and the environmental area. The project went from January to July 2014.

In October the festival management decided to cancel the Hove Festival 2015.