Håndballklubben Halden
The all-female handball club Håndballklubben Halden (HKH) focuses on handball for girls from 8 to elite athletes. The vision is to discover talent at all age groups and give them an opportunity to play at the highest level possible.

What did we do
Greener Events has helped the club with developing a sponsorship strategy and a sponsorship concept to target the right businesses and areas to develop fruit-full partnerships. We used the Business Strategy Synopsis-model to map out the Club’s identity with a clear vision, mission, values, personality and concept to make it easier to target sponsors with the same values and goals. The concept was then linked to the club’s sustainability profile – economic, social and environmental. Greener Events is also working with the club to identify how they can be more environmental friendly in the areas of transport, energy and food, as well as the players being role models and give inspiration to younger players to act responsible.

The project is still ongoing.