Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) is Norway’s most widely used certification scheme for businesses and events seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.

Companies or events wanting to become an Eco-Lighthouse undergo a certification process lasting between 3 and 6 months. In collaboration with an authorized Eco-Lighthouse consultant, the company establishes an internal environmental group and completes an internal environmental analysis.

This analysis starts out by looking at the company’s environmental impact in the areas of energy, waste, transport, purchasing and work environment. An action plan, with measures to be implemented in the company’s daily business, needs to be in place in order to be awarded environmental certification.

When these measures have been implemented and the company fulfills branch requirements, an independent assessor approves the company or event as an Eco-Lighthouse.The Eco-Lighthouse certificate is valid for three years before it must be renewed through a re-certification.

Miljøfyrtårn_illustarsjon til sak

Examples of our Eco-Lighthouse consulting:

In March 2014 we started the process of Eco-lighthouse certification for the festival Ravnebarn which is a cultural festival for kids, held in Kristiansand with the aim of showing concerts, theater, dance and literature to kids and youth. Our authorized eco-lighthouse consultant, Linnéa, did workshops and work meetings with the environmental group and the management of the festival, as well as continuously follow-ups according to the managements needs in order to make Ravnebarn fulfill the industry criteria – 59 “Green Event” – as well as the general criteria. We also did the analysis and mentored the writing of the environmental report.


Ravnebarn was certified in July 2014 as the first ever Green Event in the Vest-Agder county.

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World Snowboard Championship 2012
We were able to transfer the environmental work done with The Arctic Challenge with HES, purchasing, transportation, organic food, waste management to the WSC12 organization and made sure that the championship was Miljøfyrtårn certified.

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